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Friday, February 27, 2009

Party Planning Grandma

I've been in party planning mode all week. Wednesday is the neighborhood bunco group at my house.....I'm doing a taco bar.....then thinking about the up coming baby showers....I want to send some things to the showers for Tiff and Ray in LA and El Paso.....then looking at stuff for both Erin's shower in May and Tiffany's shower in June. I think being a party planner would be a great job....but I came up with or found a couple of good games they have these baby shower scratch sell them at the shower, then give the mom the money for a diaper fund. Then the other..fill a diaper bag with necessities, had people guess what the items are...the one who guesses the most wins a prizes and mom to be gets the diaper bag full of stuff. Last weekend...went and looked at IKEA baby furniture....I think Tiffany has made her it won't be too long before we are getting that room ready.

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