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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heartbroken Grandma

Well if Ray gets promoted, then they won't be moving back to for purely selfish reasons heart is broken.I was so excited about decorating the nursery, and helping out with the babies...and having lots of family around all the time....but it's not about's about what is best for Tiffany and Ray....that is what I have to remember....even though I feel like crying....
So , I can still be excited about the soon as we figure out when to have it, and as soon as we figure out our summer training schedule....I can travel to Phoenix and still help with the nursery....and I found out I can do FML so I will be able to help out for a few weeks when the babies are born....

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  1. I'm sad too, but nothing is written in stone. It is very likely he might not get it. Not because of him but you know the history with this company.