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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring is in the Air

and nesting instincts are in full swing!....OK...last blog one of the home improvement projects I shared was the mantel and built in that Bill of course that prompted needing to redo the entire space. We got a new painting for over the mantel....which I believe I shared already....and now for pictures of the new furniture.

That is from three different views....I still need a new coffee table....found the one I want at Sam's....Found the perfect lamps at Home Goods .....I'm still on the look out for end tables.

Now for Easter, of course most of my pictures are after pictures....but these cute little "favors" and my cake were both ideas from pinterest.  We also had the typical Ham dinner; the Cervantes gang came over and we got to enjoy a little egg hunt and Easter baskets with the boys....of course I didn't get any good pictures...but Tiffany did, so you will just have to wait for her Blog update for that.

I did manage to get some flowers planted in the front this weekend; only on the left side through...I ran out of flowers and it started raining.  The first year I had these areas to plant....I did multi explosion of color is what I had in mind....then last year I tried all red and that didn't look nearly as good.  By looking at the left side you can see my before.  Usually Bill prepares the dirt for me and all I have to do is waltz in and plant...but for some reason this year I was on my own....I have my suspicions as to why, which I will share when I get to my veggie garden.

Below are my herbs, the biggest plant is an herloom tomato, also there is a big pot with a lone jalepeno....I'm also going to plant some eggplant in that pot.

This (pictured below) is the outdoor kitchen counter Bill finished.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

And last but not veggie potatoes are doing awesome...but the veggie garden, not so much.  Everything around the perimeter is growing, but everything in the center dies; my suspicion is that when he was preparing the dirt....he got carried away with the round up....of course he denies this, but that is really the only explanation.

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