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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wake Up Call

I was going to talk about the weekend projects at my daughter's house this past weekend....and I still will (some)....but seeing these pictures was a big WAKE UP CALL!!!! 
So when I'm not doing projects around my house....I in some ways help her with her house...sometimes it's advising or throw ideas around, some times it's buying stuff for the house and then sometimes like this weekend it's physically helping with a project or 2.  Bill worked some I didn't really want to be around my house much while he was sleeping and my crazy mother-in-law wonders arounds...being crazy.  She doesn't roll out of bed until about the timeline for these kinds of days is to do things around my house until noon....then spend most of the afternoon at Tiff's...getting back home in time to fix dinner for Bill be he goes to work.

Without the extra frame

with the frame

 So Tiffany got some ideas off Pinterest for a home organizational center....she been collecting items....had to do some painting to get the right colors....but here are two options of the work in progress.  You decide and give Tiffany your opinion. 

Now for the other project we started....and the subject of the title of this blog:  We starting do some planting in the front of her house; we only got about half done because we had to stop and treat for ants....they are bad his year....and we ran out of flowers.  But this grandma had the best little helpers ever: Rocco and Taegan had so much fun...and as it turned out it was Earth what a perfect activity.  Tiffany took pictures...she is awesome about documenting everthing with the boys...but this is where my WAKE UP CALL came in...I knew I had gained some of my weight back...I've seen the number on the scale....I know my clothes are tight...but it's always that moment of seeing the picture that slaps you in the face.
That's it...I can't look like that!..... Today is I can't really change what is going on grocery wise for this week....but come Sunday ...I'm back on plan with a vengence!
But on a positive note....I love my crew....even if they pull out flowers I just planted!

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