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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Long time no Blog?!?!

Why no Blog?...Well a couple of reasons, I guess...with the first of those being that I was just really discouraged with my garden.  The last time I posted, I was super excited about everything that I planted.  Well, most of it husband thinks it was too early....I think it was MIL's stupid dog.  Another reason I didn't blog for a while was because my nose was buried in books...I read the Hunger Games series....I wanted to get the books read before the movie came out....I could not put the books down....great story.....and now we saw the movie last night...the movie was excellent....but not nearly as excellent as the usual they have to leave things out and and change things to keep it at a reasonable time....but it is always interesting to see how another person visualizes things.
Since then I did a bunch of replanting both indoors and out....and things doing much better than they were earlier in the month, and I'm really excited about the potatoes in the barrel finally sprouting.
potato barrel and can see some green now

tomato plants

mostly herbs in the pots

another view of the potatoes and garden

Notice the little fence?....I hope this keeps the dog out.  I added dirt to the potatoes, you can see some of the lettuce that's doing pretty good....I planted peas directly in the ground and those are coming up....also have garlic and onion looking pretty good....maybe the broccoli will make it this time as well as beets and carrots....all of which got transplanted today.  I need to keep Bill away from the miracle grow,....I've been showing him articles that explain why over fertilizing is bad....I'm pretty sure that is why we didn't have peaches or very many tomatoes last year....keep your fingers crossed on this one :-)
Now, remember the the built in and mantel that Bill was's done and he did a fabulous job...we also got a new painting for over the fireplace....which made the living room furniture look even more hideous.  Bill was not down with the slip covers...after he thought about it for a over spring break, one of our adventures was to find a new sofa, love seat and chair....but it's going to be a few more weeks until that is delivered.  But while we are waiting for the furniture...just look at how awesome the built in, mantel and new picture is a before and a now.


Bill has also started re-doing a portion of the outdoor kitchen....the prior owners.didn't do something right and the tile starting coming up....Bill started looking at the inside and the framing wood was all here is a picture of the work in progress.
It's not grouted yet....but I know it's going to be fabulous when it's done.

ME....let's see...I need to get busy with some of my creative projects....

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