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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cheap Storage - a tutorial

I was looking for a cheap and pretty way to coral some junk in a closet I was organizing.  I had used bins and baskets in other areas as I'm working my way through the house; but I wanted something different...I just wasn't sure what.  I took a trip to The Container Store and was inspired by the wrapping paper, then the idea hit me: I can cover some old shoe boxes with paper!  I pondered just exactly what the best method would be as I was driving home....WARNING: DISTRACTED DRIVER ON THE ROAD!  And what I decided is that I would use Mod Podge, that would make the boxes a little more sturdy.  I will start with a picture of the finished boxes.

After selecting your paper and boxes, you will need to loosely measure your paper so there is enough overlap to go over the edges by a few inches. 

Then place the box in the center of the paper and trace around the box so you know where to start applying the Mod Podge.
Apply the Mod Podge inside of your drawn area going over just a little, a place the box on top.  Flip and smooth out any major bubbles.  This was the point I learned that the thicker papers were easier to work with...less crinkling. 

The next step is to cut a diagonal line from the corner of the paper to the corner of the box...I just eye balled it and it worked out fine.  If you are more "type A" than could first draw a straight line from corner to corner, then cut.

Since the paper was on a roll...I had paper curling up everywhere...I grabbed anything nearby to weigh it down as I was working on this next step.  One side at a time, apply the Mod Podge.  Then roll the box onto the sticky paper...this seemed to be the best method for avoiding bubbles...there will still be some, so work those out.   

The next step is to smooth the flaps around the sides, you are working with wet, sticky paper so work fast.

You now have the edge standing up over the will need to cut straight down at the corner to the top of the box.

I couldn't hold the camera and scissors to get a good shot of that step, so I hope you get the idea. Next roll the paper over to the inside of the box.

Smooth it all out.  Repeat for all sides, doing opposite sides first.

Next I wanted a hole in one end so I could tie a cute tag with cute ribbon.  Once dry, it was too hard to use a paper hole punch.  I asked my husband if he could drill a hole...he said that wouldn't work with card board...went out to his domain, aka "the garage" and came back with a punch set used for leather...and basically hammered a hole.  If you don't have something like that handy, I guess you could use a big nail...or not use a tied tag.  If I was going to use these as a gift, I would also line the inside...but since these are just to organize a closet so the side of the box is just fine the way it is.

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