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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let the organization begin

I'm not off to a rip roaring start with my goals....but I've started none the less.  I got this little bug last week...wasn't super sick...but it zapped my energy, appetite...and created a bit of a speed bump in my enthusiasm.

1. Diet report...started off pretty good...lost 2 lbs the first day...I knew it was water...but I always gotta get through the extra water to get to the fat...then the second day I started feeling first I thought I was detoxing...then quickly realized it was a bug...I lost a few more...because I just didn't eat...then gained those two back was I started eating again...still that is a 2 pound net loss for the week.  I'll take it!  Today I'm going to have my husband take much as I hate too...the pictures about every three weeks last time I did these were really motivating.  On Monday we got an email from the district nurse with some tools to help meet New Years resolutions...the one that peaked my interest was "Live Healthy North Texas"...our district is in this...last spring quite a few participated...This time it's a 100 day put together a team...2-10 people...there is a we have a team, The F(ITS).  There are 7 of us and our goal is just weight can do fitness too....but we decided we didn't want track that.  Anyway I'm pretty excited about this tool for added motivation and I have some fun ideas to help us all.
2.  Exercise.....ah...not so much!  I did do 15 minutes on the elliptical on Monday.......but with being sick...that's it.  I am hopping on as soon as I finish this blog and shoot for a better week this week...the only way I can do worse is to not get on at all.
3.  Organization was probably my best accomplishment of the week.  Following the Declutter calendar is pretty easy.  My spice cabinet and tupperware cabinet are de-cluttered and Bill de-clutter the cabinets with odds and ends of small appliances and the kids (plastic) dishes we use for grandkids. But I wish I would have taken a before picture of this's the downstairs closet by the half bath.  Tiffany can vouch, it was a hot mess.  I took everything out...filled a trash bag and re-organized....I had a few bins, but needed some baskets at Wal-mart for $6...I love the Container store..but we are cutting back on spending I;ll only go there if I can't get it at Target or Wal-mart.

Here the Pinterest pin that I used for the tags on the baskets...they are from Better Homes and Garden website....there are several different kinds of tags and labels for various organizing projects...and they are super cute.

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

another idea that I got from Pinterest is this:

Except I used it to organize all the junk from
around my sink.

and then this idea.

In January you turn all your hangers this way...then as you wear items hang them back June..anything that is still backwards...gets donated...pure genius!

4.  and last but not least...curb spending and save...this one will see slow results...but Bill and I had the annual Money we are more or less on the same page and I set up a new system for bill paying...again an idea from pinterest!  I can't find the pin...but it's basically a notebook with a calendar and some pocket folders..when the bills come in...write down the due date, then on Fridays pay the bills that are due the next pocket for unpaid and another for paid...then at the end of the month, file the paid bills for the far it seems to be working fine.

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