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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look like Christmas

The big Christmas Decorating Extravaganza has begun! I like to get started right after Thanksgiving...but for several reasons I'm a little behind. Bill has been working a lot of overtime...and I need his help on some of getting all the tubs out of storage...and setting up the 12 ft tree, but have no fear I will be done before Santa arrives! Here is what is done so far...I don't have pictures of everything....can't find the memory card for one of the cameras and the other camera will need to be charged at work tomorrow.

The first thing I did was get the linens and most of the decorations up in the grandchild room....I'll have to show a picture of that later, also got the Christmas linens on the bed in the guest room...I needed to change these beds anyway...but I'll get pictures when they are all done.
Next I did the mantel

We have fewer stockings this year, but that's fine. Then I did my Nativity scene, this display needs something...I just not sure what...suggestions welcome.

Now for a picture of my Christmas Village, I have two light bulbs to replace, but I like the dark sky looking fabric behind it.

Here is the big tree, before decorations, and a picture of some of the decorations on the coffee table....I was looking for two specific ornaments that need to go up first since they use lights. This tree and the downstairs living room are done in a woodlands theme.
I spent much of today making gifts for some of my co-workers (I'll share pictures of those after they are given; don't want to ruin any surprises) between that and the decorating that I did happen to get done....the weekend went by way too fast.
Here is my "to do" list to finish
  • decorate big tree
  • put up and decorate tree in the office
  • put up and decorate tree in the upstairs living room
  • finish decorating guest room
  • decorate guest bathroom
  • finish decorating grandchild room
  • decorate our bedroom
  • and our bathroom
  • put out the Santa collection
  • Bill will do the outside lights
  • Formal dining room decorated and table set with Christmas china
Throw in some baking, wrapping gifts, a little more shopping and normal life...and this will be one busy Grandma

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