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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I'm in a fog after being up almost 24 hours....between Thanksgiving cooking and then Black Friday home and in bed about 5:15....took a little while to get to sleep...because I hurt all over from the long lines....then for some crazy reason, I was up somewhere between 8:30 and 9...I wish I took a picture of the craziness....but I didn't...
We visited with some nice people while being in line outside of Old Navy for an hour....and we didn't witness this but heard about was two men got in a fight at Wal-mart over a Barbie.....I'm sure that was a sight to see.
My mother in law was a complete lunatic husband finally decided it was time to give her a haldol...the Dr prescribed them (as needed) for the times her had these complete breaks with reality...he has been reluctant to give an anti-psychotic.....partly because he is in denial on how bad off she is. She finally settled down once it kicked in....She so needs to be in assisted living....everybody sees it but him....and he is the one to make that decision.
OK.....I'm pretty sure I'm rambling now...

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