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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Git 'er dun

Git 'er dun seems to be my theme for this summer....I've been cranking out projects and checking things off my "To Do" list right and left.

Canning:  I've been wanting to get back into canning...not sure what ever happened to all my old canning supplies, so I re-equipped myself and got busy.

I put up 6 pints of Salsa, 3 tomatillo salsa, 2 Dill pickle spears, 6 Bread and butter pickles, 3 quarts of peaches and 8 half pints peach jam....also not pictures are 3 quarts of summer squash with tomatoes.  Our peach tree went I'll be doing more peaches in a day or 2.

Corks: I've been collecting corks for years and recently started collecting ideas of what to do with them on pinterest.  
I started small, this could either be for the wall or a trivet, I bought 4 frames for $1.99 each at IKEA...but so far only completed one..
Next I decided to start on the big cork project...which was a wreath for the front door....Bill thinks we are advertising to the neighborhood that we are winos :-).....
It took a few days to stick all these corks into the foam wreath, then to my dismay, I ran out of corks with this much to go....I put a call out to friends....started drinking more  wine and asked for corks everywhere I went to eat.  Within a few days I had enough to complete it.
Cork wreath on the front door

Sewing/craft room:  With the help of Tori I got my sewing /craft room cleaned and took us 5 hours, I threw away 5 bags of trash...and that has helped me go forward my To Do list.  I know I posted a picture of the mess...maybe back in January ....and I thought I had a picture after we were done and before I started on projects...but the only one I could find was this one of my finally completed curtain for the room.

Next up is the stool I painted for Tiffany's classroom.  The one she inherited from the previous teacher was purple...and her "theme" is Black/White/ I Mod-Podged newspaper on the legs for B/W and painted the top....I think it is super cute.

 Also for Tiffany, I made this runner for her entryway....she has also been busy organizing and decorating.

My last picture is a sneak peak for Rocco and Taegan's upcoming 3rd birthday party, we've been busy preparing for the big event and that will be the subject of it's own post....but I got this really great idea for a cupcake stand out of soup cans, cake circles, paper and ribbon....of course from pinterest....I'm really pleased with how it turned out:  

  That's it for now, I have about 3 weeks before I go back to work...let's see how much more I can get done.

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