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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden and life Update

After a rough start the garden started producing!  Not everything I put in the ground has grown, but I've harvested my potatoes, a head of cabbage (I might get 2 more heads) a few green beans....all pictured below. And not pictured are the jalepenos summer squash...had quite a bit of that with more to come.

And fact I've had enough tomatoes and squash to start some canning as soon as I get the supplies....I'm pretty excited about that adventure.

New progress

We also got our new fence , finally...they were suppose to start June 4...but with rain all all they got delayed..but it was completed on the looks so much better and my favorite part is the Texas star cut out on the walk through gate.

Just got back from a little trip to Austin with co-workers...we shopped, we ate and we learned about iPads in was a blast, but I must admit I'm still pretty tried today.

Last week I took Joey back to El Paso, stayed a few days and did some decorating and organization for the boys...don't worry...I kept it masculine.

The best thing about these two trips is it got me away from my crazy mother-in-law for a few days,  there has been some extra crazy things going on with her...but I'm thinking that will be the subject of a entire post.  The good news on that front though is Bill is starting to see that she needs to be somewhere where she can get more care/supervision.

I have a few pinterest projects lined up in the next few weeks, as well as projects for the twins' B-day party.
And now that my trips are out of the way...It's time to get back on the 17 day diet and on my exercise machine. But I need a few things from the store before I start the diet...thought I was going to go today, but I didn't have the energy.

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